Autograph Collection

I’m a big sports fan and ever since I was a kid, I did the best I could to collect memorabilia and autographs from professional athletes.  I have one “rule” on collecting autographs that I have always followed and that is that I have never paid for an athlete’s autograph.  From time to time, I may refer to an instance where I got an athlete’s autograph, but I will certainly take requests if anyone is interested in how I got a particular autograph.

So I know this isn’t really the type of forum for me to “brag” and I’m not (trust me!), but in case anyone was wondering, here’s a list of the professional athletes I have autographs from.

MiLB – selections from the 1994-1999 Hudson Valley Renegades

NFL – Dave Meggett, Jesse Campbell, Justin Tuck

NHL – Jeremy Roenick, Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Claude LaPointe

MLB – Ruben Rivera, Wade Boggs (HOF), Joe Girardi, Brady Anderson, Shawn Green, Kevin Brown (the catcher and the first HV Renegade to make it to “the show”), Tony Fernandez, Kirby Puckett (HOF), Ben Sheets, Jimmy Haynes, Pasqual Coco, Ray King, Jeff D’Amico, Matt Clement, Braden Looper, Mike Buddie, Brooks Robinson (HOF), Torii Hunter, John Thompson, John Smoltz, Jaret Wright, Johnny Estrada, Chris Chambliss, Chris Hammond, David Weathers, Javier Valentin, Scott Downs, J.P. Ricciardi, Frank Thomas, Jeremy Accardo, Corey Patterson, Jamie Walker, Sal Fasano, Alex Rios

KEY : (HOF) indicates that the player was elected to his sport’s Hall of Fame.


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