Why Game 6 is a Must Win

Sure the Yanks still have two games to win one game, but it is absolutely crucial that the team wins game six.  As we’ve already seen, the Yanks want to get the most out of CC Sabathia, starting him on short rest in the ALCS.  He thrived.  In the World Series, there is no extra off day between games four and five, so it makes the most sense to get CC in there for games one, four and seven.

If the ALCS goes seven games, CC has to start game seven and most likely will be penciled in for games two and five in the World Series.   If the Yanks can wrap up the World Series tonight, CC will go game one, AJ Burnett two, Andy Pettitte three, Sabathia four.  Now, if it goes five games the Yanks can go Burnett/Pettitte on short rest for the fifth and sixth games but I don’t trust either of them on short rest so I’d probably put Chad Gaudin down as the game five starter and go Pettitte in game six on regular rest, but on a tight leash where Burnett could come in if needed.  You have to go experience (and a lefty against the Phillies) in such a crucial game.

This, of course, features a lot of looking ahead, but it is important that the Yanks put the Angels away once and for all in game six.


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