Established in 2008, Backwards K is an independent commentary on the sports world with a focus on baseball, specifically the New York Yankees.  While most of the discussion is one-sided and largely based on opinion, there is the hope that every now and then an intelligent sentence will be typed into this small fragment of cyberspace, perhaps with the backing of statistics.   In addition to baseball there will occasionally be a mention of football, college sports, hockey, other sports and maybe a touch on basketball (I hate the NBA).

What’s in a name?  For rookies out there, “Backwards K” is a baseball scoring term used to indicate that a batter has struck out and was called out by the umpire, looking at the third strike, rather than swinging and missing.

Backwards K is written and published by Rob Burckhard, a native New Yorker who honors Paul O’Neill as his favorite baseball player of all-time.  Rob also writes the “First to Third” column for the Sports Judge Blog (Click Here to go to my Sports Judge Archive).


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  1. Jesus Says:

    Hey, I read a few of your posts and found them very interesting. Like you, I began a blog for a while focusing on sports in general but soon after decided to quit after finding out it was not as easy as I thought (plus it was no fun stating my opinion with no one else caring…I could do that in my own head…) Anyway, I enjoyed the read and look forward to reading any future posts.

    Jesus Flores

    PS. I hated the Varitek pick for the All-Star game. I hate the fact that the game is very biased toward players on big market teams and so-called “superstar” players..

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