Debating Joe Girardi’s Pitching Moves

All of these are related and I don’t agree with any of them:

  • Jose Molina catches AJ Burnett.  As we saw yesterday, AJ was fine after Molina was pinch hit for in the fifth inning.  The Yanks miss Jorge Posada‘s bat more than they gain from Molina’s catching “prowess.”
  • David Robertson was yanked with two outs and no one on before Alfredo Aceves gave game three to the Angels.
  • AJ Burnett was sent back out to pitch the seventh inning in game five, despite a very well rested bullpen with a ton of arms out there.  Joe could have mixed and matched for pretty much every batter for the rest of the game.
  • Joba Chamberlain is continuously sent out ahead of Robertson, et al in high-leverage situations despite not providing any evidence that he’s earned that spot, aside from a stint as a reliever back in 2007.
  • Damaso Marte was sent out ahead of Phil Coke to face Chone Figgins and Bobby Abreu in game give.

Joe Girardi is managing in his first career playoff series and he’s managing in New York, which adds some pressure.  He wears jersey #27, which serves as a not-so-subtle reminder that he’s trying to bring the Yanks their 27th World Series.  Could Girardi’s inexperience managing these situations cost the Yanks a couple wins in the playoffs?


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2 Responses to “Debating Joe Girardi’s Pitching Moves”

  1. tha produca Says:

    if they were in the world series right now would you be second guessing him? In game three The angels in extra innings had Mathis running the bases instead of lifting him for the faster Willits, Mathis came back and got the game winning hit. Although I also disagree with A LOT of Girardi’s calls I really like Molina in at catcher over Posada. You notice it too expect in game 5 where Burnett pitched better than he did with Posada in. I don’t care if they miss his bat they have other guys who can hit, not to mention in the playoffs good pitching beats good hitting. Wouldn’t you rather have a pitcher who is more comfortable with his own catcher? Did it bug you in 96 when Leyritz caught Petite over Girardi?

    • backwardsk Says:

      The whole point of second-guessing him is that they aren’t in the World Series. I think if there is a gain with Molina behind the plate for Burnett it is offset by the fact that Posada is a much better hitter than Molina. Having Molina in the game is like having the pitcher bat in the NL… it’s almost a sure out. Comfort for a pitcher is important, but in the playoffs Burnett should quit being a baby and do what’s best for the team. 1996 was a different story because Leyritz was a better hitter than Girardi, so no that didn’t bother me as much.

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