Joba vs. Gaudin

If the Yankees proceed on their current course, they should be able to wrap up home-field advantage for the American League playoffs.  That would mean they could choose between two completely different division series and I don’t mean opponent.  One particular division series has an extra off day and such a scenario would enable the Yanks to only have to use three starting pitchers for an entire five game series.  This would mean we don’t have to worry about selecting that fourth starter.  However, if they draw the shorter division series or if they advance to the ALCS, the Yanks would need a fourth starter… who should it be?

It the decision is based solely on recent performance, Chad Gaudin is the choice.  Gaudin has been solid lately, allowing no more than three earned runs in his five starts with the Yankees.  He’s kept them in games and minimized his walks.  On the other hand, Joba Chamberlain has been erratic at best.  In his last six starts, he’s allowed seven earned runs twice and he’s been limited to a maximum of four innings as per the ever-changing and overprotective Joba Rules.

What many Yankee fans will immediately think of is Joba Chamberlain’s success as a reliever back in his rookie year of 2007, but just because he was great then doesn’t mean he’ll replicate those numbers if sent to the pen for the ALDS.  However, some fans will picture the potential for a five inning game – let the starter go five innings and have Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Mariano Rivera slam the door for the last four innings.   If Chamberlain is effective, that would be nice, but there are certainly no guarantees that would even happen.

My opinion?  Win home-field, put Joba in the pen in the ALDS and put him back in the rotation for the ALCS, but have Gaudin ready for long relief work if Chamberlain falters (I can’t imagine Brian Bruney will make the post-season roster, so there’s your roster spot).


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