The Yankee Media Loses a Good One

A big congratulations goes out to Journal News Yankee beat writer Peter Abraham for getting a big-time promotion.  Abraham is my favorite beat writer to read and his LoHud Yankees blog is a phenomenal resource and community for Yankee fans.  Abraham announced on his blog Thursday night that he accepted a job to work for the Boston Globe covering the Red Sox and has put in his two weeks.  This is a great opportunity for Abraham, whose dedication to his job is immeasurable.  His blog is by far the best Yankee beat writer blog and he devotes so much time to it.  Any time I am looking for Yankee news, that’s where I go.  He’s honest, accurate,  funny, and usually the first guy to post anything breaking.  I only wish a New York newspaper would have given Abraham the opportunity before the Boston Globe so he could continue covering the Yankees.

I will also always think of Abraham fondly as a person, beyond his Yankee writing.  When I was in grad school, he came to our class to listen to a couple presentations on baseball marketing strategy and team structuring and was kind enough to give us a shout out on his blog.  He was also a very nice guy.  I walked over to talk to him between presentations and politely called him “Mr. Abraham” and he promptly told me to call him by his first name as we engaged in small talk about the Yankees and his iPhone.

Best of luck to Abraham as he goes and covers the bad guys.  The New York media is really losing a good writer and a good guy and we’ll miss him.


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