Yanks Set 2010 Season Ticket Prices

Yes, I have decided to call 2010, “oh-ten”, much like we call 2009 “oh-nine”.  Glad that’s out of the way.

The Yankees were assailed, and rightfully so, for their ticket prices this season.  The first year of Yankee Stadium III saw individual game tickets skyrocket to $2500 per seat!  Granted, you eat like some sort of royalty for “free” when sitting there, but as the emptiness in those seats demonstrated, people weren’t willing to pay a king’s ransom to sit there.

2010 seems to correct the problem.  97% of seats will either decrease or stay the same.  Two key field level sections will decrease in price, from $325 to either $250 or $235 (depending on location), while one section on the main level will see the lone increase in the ballpark, from $100 to $125.

From a business standpoint, the Yankees did what they had to do prior to ’09, and that was set astronomical seat prices.  They had to see what people were willing to pay to maximize revenue.  When they noticed seats were empty, the front office attempted to rectify the outrageous prices by lowering them.  From a fan’s standpoint, however, it was evident that the Yankees don’t care about the “middle class” fan who brings his family of four and white picket fence to the game.  These families aren’t going to be sitting anywhere but the upper level or the bleachers and that’s fine by the Yankees.

Personally, I thought the bleacher seats would see price increases this year since the price was dangerously reasonable for the Yanks.  I’m happy to see that they are not.  As a caveat, these are the prices for season tickets, not individual game tickets.  The individual game tickets tend to be a couple bucks higher, but I wouldn’t anticipate any deviation from this plan when those are released.

Here’s a chart illustrating the price changes, from River Ave. Blues.


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  1. Baseballbriefs.com Says:

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Yanks Set 2010 Season Ticket Prices…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Yanks Set 2010 Season Ticket Prices…

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