NFL Preview Part II

So, my AFC preview was released on Saturday, so now that that is out of the way, here’s my NFC preview.

NFC East
1. Giants – Yes, I am a Giant fan, but that’s not why I picked Big Blue to win the NFC East.  Their defensive is excellent and I think Eli Manning will shoulder the load on offense.  Of course, it always helps when Brandon Jacobs can drop his should and run over any linebacker in the game.
2. Eagles – I think the Eagles will do some things on offense that no one has ever seen before.  As long as Donovan McNabb buys into whatever that may be, they will be just fine.
3. Cowboys – I think Dallas’ PR guy can start writing Head Coach Wade Phillips’ obituary.  I honestly just don’t think the Cowboys are that good.  Tony Romo has been inconsistent for most of his career and without a big play receiver or back (sorry, Marion Barber), Dallas misses the playoffs.
4. Redskins – Sorry.  Jason Campbell isn’t a franchise quarterback and you can’t win football games by buying the most expensive free agents.  They won’t be good enough to keep pace in this division.

NFC North
1. Packers – This is the toughest division in football in 2009 and I agonized for a few seconds when making this pick.  I like Green Bay as the team in the division with the fewest holes.  No, I won’t explain that.
2. BearsJay Cutler immediately makes the Bears a Super Bowl contender, but I worry about their secondary on defense.  That’s the onyl reason they don’t win the division.
3. Vikings – Hemingway once wrote “The Old Man and the Sea.” When I used to play pond hockey in the winters, my friend’s Dad called himself “The Old Man and the Ice.” Brett Favre will be “The Old Man and the Dome.”  My money is on him running out of gas week 14.
4. Lions – The Lions won’t go winless again, but don’t expect them to win more than four games.  Things are looking up in Detroit with the arrival of Matt Stafford.

NFC South
1. FalconsMatt Ryan and the Falcons should handily win this division.  Hmm.  I think that’s all I need to say about them.
2. Panthers – The Panthers are another team on the decline.  Jake Delhomme and Julius Peppers have peaked and the Panthers aren’t deep enough to make a serious run at the Falcons.
3. Saints – Their offense is rarely the problem.  The problem is that their defense is a sieve and there is no sign that will change in 2009.
4. Buccaneers – A rebuilding year for Tampa.  Josh Freeman is the quarterback of the future, which is a problem because there’s no quarterback of the now.

NFC West
1. Cardinals – I give the edge (narrowly) to the reigning NFC champions, but they are a much different team without Anquan Boldin, so keep an eye on his situation.
2. Seahawks – They have a lot of receivers.  A lot.  Now, how about that running game?
3. 49ers – Without a proven quarterback, teams don’t usually go that far.  This is the problem with the 2009 49ers.  I wonder why they let Jeff Garcia go to Oakland…
4. Rams – They only certain thing in this division is that the Rams finish in the basement.  My boy Steve Spagnuolo will have them competing in no time, just not this year.


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