NFL Preview Part I

Cue the theme from Monday Night Football, it’s pigskin season!  After baseball, football is my next favorite sport and of course, the Giants are my team.  So, without further introduction, here are my 2009 football previews.  We’ll start with the AFC today and on Monday we’ll post the NFC.

AFC East
1. Patriots – A healthy Tom Brady means the Patriots own this division until further notice.
2. Jets – I like the attitude new coach Rex Ryan is instilling in this young team and if Mark Sanchez plays well, they could surprise some people.
3. Dolphins – Everyone knows about the Wildcat now, although no one has seen it with Pat White, yet.  I don’t think the fins will sneak up on anyone this year and I expect a small setback from the good things they’re doing in Miami.
4. Bills – The T.O. show can only take a team so far, so I think the Bills are destined for a season in the basement of the AFC East.  They’re more than a five win team, however.

AFC North
1. Steelers – This is a two-team race and I expect it to be very close.  I give Pittsburgh the advantage for having a seasoned quarterback and the best defense in the league.
2. Ravens – The D is getting a little older, but the offense continues to improve.  I think Rutgers product Ray Rice becomes the feature back and has a good year to help Joe Flacco and the Ravens make the playoffs.
3. Bengals – Which Chad Johnson/Ochocinco will show up this year?  The guy that plays great football as a sideshow to his comedy act or the unhappy, whiney guy?  That alone will be the difference between a 5-11 season and a 7-9 season.
4. Browns – Not even the Manginious can turn this Browns squad around as Cleveland faces a tough schedule.  The team’s success will depend on the quarterback, which is expected to be Brady Quinn.

AFC South
1. Colts – This division will be much tighter than Peyton Manning is used to, but he should still lead the Colts to another divison title.
2. Texans – They have a favorable schedule this year and I think will finally make an appearance in the playoffs.  That Mario Williams over Reggie Bush pick makes Houston look smarter every year.
3. Titans Kerry Collins can’t keep this up forever, can he?  If not, there’s no way Vince Young is ready for prime time (will he ever be?).  They’ll push the Titans for the second spot, but this is a team on the decline.
4. Jaguars – This is probably the end of the Jack Del Rio era in Jacksonville.  He put all his eggs in the David Garrard basket and while he’s better than Byron Leftwich, he hasn’t made that jump to a guy who can carry his team.

AFC West
1. Chargers – I’ll be shocked if San Diego loses any games in the divison this year, but since they play the NFC East also, they will lose games… just not enough to keep them from running away with the west.  I think they clinched this division when Jay Cutler was dealt to Chicago.
2. Chiefs – By process of elimination between the three remaining teams, the Chiefs get second place.  KC appears to be on the right track as long as Matt Cassel proves he’s legit and wasn’t successful just because he was playing for the Patriots.
3. BroncosJosh McDaniels will be a good head coach for this team, but not this year.  Denver needs another new quarterback as Kyle Orton won’t be leading them to the playoffs anytime soon.
4. Raiders – Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on in Oakland and it really doesn’t matter anyway.

PLAYOFF TEAMS: Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chargers, Texans, Ravens


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One Response to “NFL Preview Part I”

  1. Bull Horns Says:

    What about New Yorks only pro football team, The Bills?

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