Rosters Expand as September Begins

In an annual rite of September, rosters expanded today, so all members of the 40-man roster are eligible to be on the major league roster.  Naturally, the Yankees didn’t just pack a school bus full of AAA players and send them to Baltimore to meet up with the team, since Scranton/Wilkes-Barre is still in the playoff hunt in the International League. However, the Yankees did call up Francisco Cervelli, Ramiro Pena, Edwar Ramirez, Mark Melancon, and Mike Dunn.  Here are a few good reasons why these guys got the call:

Cervelli Jorge Posada is banged up and the Yanks like what they saw from Cervelli earlier in the year when he was the starting catcher by process of elimination.  The pitchers raved about his ability to call a game and in all likelihood, he’s the backup next year as Jose Molina will likely depart as a free agent.  He needs some more big league at bats.

Pena – He was playing some center field in Scranton to boost his value.  He’s the utility guy of the future and turned some heads in spring training.  He’s been on the Scranton-Bronx Express all year.

Ramirez – I was a big Edwar fan last year after he struck out 63 in 55.1 innings and showcased that dynamite change.  Unfortunately for Edwar, that’s the only pitch he’s got.  This year, he was banished to AAA after putting up a 5.19 ERA in 17.1 innings of work (18 hits, 15 walks, 10 earned runs — yikes!).  This is likely his last shot to show the Yanks he can get big league hitters out.  If he can’t, he’ll be on a one way ticket out of the Bronx.

Melancon – He’s been dominant in AAA and has shown some flashes of greatness in NY.  He’s only worked 11.1 innings in the majors this year, but he has seven strikeouts and a respectable 3.18 ERA.  He’s walked six guys, which needs to change, but expect him to get some innings to show he’s ready to be in the Bronx full-time in 2010.

Dunn – He spent most of the year in AA Trenton, striking out 76 guys in 53.1 innings before getting the promotion to Scranton.  In 20.0 innings in AAA, he’s shown similar dominance, striking out 23 and posting a 2.25 ERA.  His walks are way too high (14 in those 20 innings), but the Yanks like him a lot, especially because he’s a lefty.  If the Yanks want to carry two lefties in the bullpen on the post-season roster, Dunn is up to challenge Damaso Marte for that spot.

I was kind of surprised to see this list without Jonathan Albaladejo on it, but since he’s closing for Scranton, he’ll probably stay there until the AAA season is over.  When Scranton is done, I would expect a few more players to get the call.  Most likely it will be: Anthony Claggett (RHP), Wilkin De La Rosa (LHP), Juan Miranda (1B), and Shelley Duncan (1B/OF).  Top prospect Austin Jackson (OF) isn’t on the 40-man right now, but he could get a taste of the Bronx once Scranton’s season ends.  Of course, Brett Gardner is still on the DL and will be back as soon as he’s ready.


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