Move Over Michael Kay – Rick Sutcliffe is an Idiot

It’s a shame that Fire Joe Morgan doesn’t exist anymore because the guys over there would have loved this. After Jorge Posada‘s three-run home run last night against the Rangers, the incomparable Rick Sutcliffe opined that the three run home run is a rally-killer.

Stop and re-read that last sentence.

Read it again.

Yes, folks, Rick Sutcliffe, a former Major League baseball player (a pitcher nonetheless) believes that the three run home run is a rally-killer.

No. Wrong. The three run home run IS THE RALLY!

You want to know what a rally-killer is, Rick? A Double Play. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time this season someone has mentioned any form of home run as a rally-killer. About a week ago, Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur said this: “You just keep pounding balls into the gap. The one thing you don’t want to do is hit a home run. That’s a rally-killer.”  Francoeur would obviously rather have a double than a home run. Yes, the object of baseball is still to score more runs than your opponent. Yes, a home run is a guaranteed run, whereas a double is not.

Why do people continue to put a microphone in front of idiots?


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