Burress Pleads Guilty

Talk about a downward spiral.

Plaxico Burress was on top of the world when the Giants won the Super Bowl in February 2008, catching the game-winning touchdown.  As of Thursday morning, however, he’s headed off to prison for two years in a plea agreement stemming from his weapons indictment a couple weeks ago.  In case you forgot, Burress had a concealed weapon and managed to shoot himself in the leg in a night club in Manhattan last year. At his grand jury testimony, Burress reportedly told the entire truth and admitted to everything, throwing himself at the mercy of the grand jury, hoping they didn’t indict him.  Unfortunately for Burress they did and he was staring at 3-15 years in prison if he was convicted on all counts – a real possibility since… you know… he admitted to everything.  So Burress settles for two years in jail (does Rikers Island have a room for him?).

I fully expect NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to do what he did with Michael Vick and suspend Burress indefinitely.  With his size alone, Burress could be back in an NFL uniform in two years, but time is working against him.  He’s 32 now and should be in the prime of his career.  Oops.

The NFL has been hit hard by bad PR in the last several weeks, with the whole Vick ordeal, Donte Stallworth pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter, and now this.  I hope professional athletes take note that they’re not invincible and that they use this as motivation to start making better decisions off the field.


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