Add Golf and Rugby to the Olympics

This week, the International Olympic Committee recommended that rugby and golf be added to the 2016 Olympics, while maintaining that baseball and softball be left off the roster of Olympic events.

As a big baseball fan, I’m disappointed that the sport won’t be included in yet another Olympics, but I understand why.  Especially with the World Baseball Classic in its three year rotation, there isn’t a reason for Olympic baseball.  The big name stars don’t play and its inclusion in the Olympics doesn’t really improve or promote the sport.  I’ve never watched an Olympic baseball game and wouldn’t in 2016 either.

Rugby is probably a good selection for the Olympics because it’s more of a world game, but what I’m really excited for is the prospect of watching golf in the Olympics.  I’d imagine that it would be an individual tournament, a fifth major of the year, rather than a Ryder Cup team-style event.  High level golf, like a major, is entertaining and compelling television.  It’s even better when Tiger is in the hunt.  Can you image how psyched up Tiger would get for an Olympic golf tournament?  Especially with an opportunity to be the first ever golf Olympic champion?  I think he’d destroy the field… unless it’s the PGA Championship…  Even if he doesn’t, golf is a global sport with competitors from many different countries.  The big names would be out there on the course, unlike baseball, and that alone would help grow the game, making its inclusion in the Olympics significant.


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