Kevin Youkilis is a Baby

You know what really grinds my gear?  What Kevin Youkilis did to Rick Porcello Tuesday night at Fenway.  After Miguel Cabrera gets hit on his hand on a fastball high and inside, Youkilis gets hit in his shoulder on a fastball high and inside.  Rather than taking it as part of the game or a pitch up and in (because Youkilis crowds the plate), Youkilis charged the mound, threw his helmet at Porcello (and missed, of course) and then went to tackle the young Tigers’ righty. Porcello, clearly surprised by the charging of the mound, went on the defensive and retreated toward first base but not before Youkilis could attempt to tackle him – only to have Porcello turn the tables and drop him.  There was a skirmish and both players were ejected.

A hitter charging the mound is definitely something that happens and is part of the game, but I don’t think it was necessary for Youkilis to charge Porcello.  All I ever hear that guy do is complain and this instance was no different.  Every time a pitcher throws up and in on Youkilis, he always has something to say.  Shut up.  Listen, I get it.  It’s 90 MPH and it hurts.  Take it like a man and walk over to first base and keep your mouth shut.


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