The Spin Continues

I really wanted to name this post “The Lies Continue” but without full knowledge, I decided not to… so, like Bill O’Reilly has his “No Spin Zone” where he tries to eliminate lies, Backwards K will comment on the David Ortiz saga under the current heading.  How awesome am I, by the way, for incorporating something other than sports into this blog?

So David Ortiz was allegedly on this list of somewhere between 83-104 players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during MLB’s 2003 survey testing.  The 104 number comes from the list the government claims to have, while the lower limit of 83 is the number incoming MLBPA chief Michael Weiner says is the real “magic number.”

On Saturday, before the Red Sox/Yankee game at the House that George Built, Ortiz did his best Barry Bonds and claims to not have known how he managed to test positive.  He says he didn’t do his due diligence researching what he was putting into his body during those days.  That’s just something I don’t believe.  Professional athletes make their money because of their bodies and talent, so why on earth would an athlete jeopardize his career by taking something that he wasn’t sure what it was or what it did?

Ortiz contends that everyone was careless back then, which is probably true, but I’d be shocked if Ortiz didn’t know what triggered his positive test.  That press conference, regardless of Weiner’s presence there, just made Ortiz look worse and actually… if this is possible, made Alex Rodriguez – who admitted PED use – look better.  Rodriguez said he hoped Ortiz was honest and feels better about himself, because Rodriguez did after his press conference.

As a baseball fan, I continue to be frustrated by the steroid saga and I just wish it would go away.


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