Melky Hits for the Cycle

It seems as if it’s always the unlikeliest players to hit for the cycle.  My money would have been on Derek Jeter to have been the first Yankee since Tony Fernandez in 1995 to hit for the cycle.  But no, instead it was Melky Cabrera, who accomplished the feat yesterday on the road against the White Sox, on the 30th anniversary of Thurman Munson‘s death.  Yankee ghosts do travel.

I’ve argued in this space before that Melky is about as useful as a fourth outfielder and his June batting average of .225 was helping my cause.  Since then, however, Cabrera hit .289 in July and his season average is up around .300, at .292.  Not bad.  My brother, a staunch Melky supporter, made sure to text me last night to remind me about my criticism.  Baseball has a 162 game season, so one game isn’t going to really change my opinion of a player.  Regardless, with his .300 batting average and 10 homers, maybe Cabrera is more useful that I thought.

I think hitting for the cycle is a pretty cool accomplishment.  Cabrera is the 15th Yankee to hit for the cycle (somehow the Pirates have had a player do it 23 times to lead MLB).  He joins the likes of Mickey Mantle, Bob Meusel (3 times), Tony Lazzeri, Lou Gehrig (2 times), Joe DiMaggio (2 times),and  Bobby Murcer (among others) as Yanks to hit for the cycle.  Not bad company, Melky… a bunch of centerfielders, too.  Now, if he can only start playing like those guys, we’d be in good shape.


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