An Unsolicited Admission?

As the steroid era continues to reveal more players who used performance-enhancing drugs, countless analysts have asked for a player to come clean before he gets caught.  We may have that player.

On Friday, Bronson Arroyo, another member of the 2004 Red Sox team that won the World Series, admitted to using androstenedione (the “Mark McGwire” supplement from 1998) which was banned in 2004 and amphetamines, banned in 2006.  Arroyo said he halted his use of andro when a rumor became widespread in baseball that the supplement was tainted with steroids because of lax production standards.

An article quotes Arroyo as saying:

“Before 2004, none of us paid any attention to anything we took,” he said, according to the [Boston] Herald. “Now they don’t want us to take anything unless it’s approved. But back then, who knows what was in stuff? The FDA wasn’t regulating stuff, not unless it was killing people or people were dying from it.”

The current Cincinnati pitcher suggested that his use of a possibly-tainted andro might lead to his name appearing on the 2004 list.

To tell you the truth, I’m very surprised that a player would admit to something like this before being caught, but I suddenly have a newfound respect for Bronson Arroyo for doing so.  Prior to 2006, there really wasn’t a stringent testing program in baseball and there was a gray area of which supplements, exactly, were ok and which were not.  While we can’t really forgive these players for “cheating,” I continue to submit that 85-90% of players took something they probably should not have, something that helped their performance.  The important thing is that we reveal the rest of the 104 names on that 2003 list and begin the process of moving forward.


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