Down Goes Ortiz

Unfortunately, I have to take a break from my addiction to trade deadline rumors and address a NY Times report that indicated that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez each tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during baseball’s “survey-testing” of 2003.  That means they’re on the same list as A-Rod, the same list that was supposed to be destroyed after the testing was completed.

The fact that these names keep getting leaked is a big problem for baseball and the player’s union.  This list will continue to be leaked until all of the remaining 90 or so players’ names have been released.  That could take a while.  The union continues to disappoint (to put it lightly) its players, who agreed to the testing only because it was supposed to be anonymous.

There was a lot of discussion, when the Mitchell Report came out, about whether or not the Yankee dynasty was tainted because of Roger Clemens and other Yankees names were on the list.  What about the Red Sox now?  Personally, I think that the idea of tainted championships is stupid, but how will their fans feel?  Waiting from 1918 to 2004 for a championship, only to have it “in question.”  Hmm.

Again, I will reiterate the fact that I believe 85-90% of MLB players used some sort of performance-enhancing drug during the peak of the steroid era (whenever that was).  Manny shouldn’t surprise anyone, having already failed one test, and Ortiz is more of a disappointment as he seemed to be a genuninely nice guy.  Let’s face it, though, Ortiz was straight up released by Minnesota in 2002 after hitting .272/20 HR/75 RBI.  Then… all of a sudden… in 2006 he hits 54 home runs?  Then… all of a sudden… in 2009 he’s hitting .224 with 13 home runs.  That’s too much of a roller coaster to be done naturally.


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  1. Shane Bertou Says:

    Do they serve crow at Fenway?

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