Big Day for Trades

Big Moves right now across MLB.

The Pirates continue to dismantle their team, sending Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to Seattle in exchange for Jeff Clement (former top 5 draft pick) and a few minor league pitchers.  Wilson had discussed his displeasure with the way the organization was moving after the Pirates sent Nate McLouth packing to Atlanta.  As an impending free agent, there was no way he was staying in Pittsburgh.

The Phillies got their ace, although he didn’t come from Team Canada (The Blue Jays… duh).  The Indians sent Cliff Lee to the reigning champions along with outfielder Ben Francisco in exchange for a collection of top Phillie prospects including infielder Jason Donald, catcher Lou Marson, and pitcher Carlos Carrasco.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching each of them play at AAA Lehigh Valley, and the Indians did very well for themselves.  They really didnt have a choice since the Indians were way out of contention and Lee, the reigning Cy Young award winner in the AL, was likely going to walk after 2010 when he became a free agent.

My guess is that now Roy Halladay stays in Toronto, Cleveland also trades Victor Martinez (Boston?), and the Pirates trade Freddy Sanchez.

I’ll live blog on Friday for the trade deadline, so mark your calendars.


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