Don’t Trade Joba or Hughes

All this recent banter about the Yankees acquiring Roy Halladay is making me sick.  Two things: 1) There is no way the Blue Jays are going to want to trade Halladay to another AL East team just to set themselves back even more than they are now.  It’s already tough enough to compete in that division and making a rival better isn’t the way to help yourself. 2) I think the Yanks have learned enough about gutting their farm system in exchange for veterans that are either in the middle of or the end of their prime (see: Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, Jeff Weaver et al).

With that said, it seems as if the Blue Jays do call Brian Cashman and agree to trade Halladay to the Yanks, the Jays are going to want either Phil Hughes and/or Joba Chamberlain AND Miguel Montero and/or Austin Jackson.  Those guys ARE the future of the Yankees.  Already, the team’s average age is 28.4 and trading for the 32 year old Halladay won’t help that.  Now, people have criticized Chamberlain for his diminished velocity and fist-pumping antics, but let’s not forget that Joba is ONLY 23 YEARS OLD!!!  He has time to mature and develop.  Maybe that process has even begun.  His last two starts have been quality starts of over 6 IP and 1 ER.  He even struck out 14 guys in those two games.  There is no reason to trade him – or Hughes.  Their age and youth is an asset to an old team like the Yankees.  Halladay is a phenomenal pitcher but at 32, he’s not going to get any better.

Let’s also remember that even the great Johan Santana pitched parts of four seasons in the bullpen in order to develop and mature… two Cy Young awards and four all-star games later, we can all see how he’s worked out.  The Yanks are doing a nice job developing these guys with patience and they should continue to do so instead of watching them pitch for another team.


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