Yankee Stadium: Your Event Here

I think the only non-baseball events  to be held at Yankee Stadium during my lifetime (1985-present/future) were papal masses, but to be honest with you I could be wrong, I know other events (boxing matches, football games, etc.) were held there.  Regardless, Yankee Stadium had evolved into baseball’s cathedral and there was no need to throw a hockey rink onto the grass or play a football game there anymore.  That’s how I liked it. There would be nothing to upstage Yankee baseball at Yankee Stadium.

Now here we are at Yankee Stadium 3.0 and the Yanks announced the first non-baseball sporting event to be held at the stadium.  To be fair, the Notre Dame/Army football game in the fall of 2010 isn’t the first  non-sporting event to be held at Yankee Stadium.  Either Columbia or NYU held their graduation at the House that George Built in the spring and that preacher-dude Joel Osteen paid $1 million to have one of his sermons there.  For some reason, I have a problem with football being played at the stadium.  Maybe I just feel bad for the grounds crew, who will have to repair the damage done by 300 lb. offensive linemen digging into the outfield sod.

Actually, the more I think about it the more I’m ok with a football game being played at Yankee Stadium 3.0.  Football does have a tradition at Yankee Stadium and well… Yankee Stadium isn’t what it used to be.  Now it’s a billion dollar shopping mall.  I guess the Yanks have to find some way to pay for the stadium and if they have to host football or hockey or anything else, so be it.  Personally, I’m just stuck in my ways like an old man who doesn’t want to touch a computer.  I just have this immaculate vision of Yankee Stadium in my head, but then again the vision I have is of the old stadium, which is being torn down.


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