Don’t Trade for Halladay

Since the Blue Jays recently announced that they would begin listening to offers for star pitcher Roy Halladay, I have a simple message to the Yankee brass: Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero should all stay in the Yankee organization.  In fact, I would not trade for Halladay at this point.

Trading for Halladay would deplete the young talent in the Yankee system that GM Brian Cashman has worked so hard to develop.  Not to mention, Halladay is 32, so how many great years does he have left?  The reason why the Jays are looking into moving Halladay is that he’s only signed through 2010.  By trading for him, the Yanks wouldn’t be using their strengths to acquire a great player.  How did CC Sabathia get to New York.  MONEY.  If they want a 34 year old Halladay, then the Yanks’ best bet would be to throw money at him when he’s a free agent.  Selling off the team’s future for a 32 year old pitcher doesn’t make any sense.

I get it.  Halladay is great.  He’s the best pitcher in the American League and maybe baseball, but he’s not worth a Chamberlain/Montero/Jackson deal that Peter Abraham mentioned in his blog.  You can’t just deal a 23 year old pitcher with electic stuff, a 19 year old hitter (a catcher… for now), and the organization’s best all-around athlete for a 32 year old pitcher.  The Jays aren’t going to want to trade him in the AL East anyway and set themselves back more, but I thought the Yanks were getting smarter than this.  They have to call Toronto to ask what they want, but that should be it.


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