Welcome to Trading Season

I think aside from the off-season “Hot Stove” this is my favorite time of year.  The trade deadline is a month away and the Yanks kicked off trading season by dealing a pair of socks to the Pirates for Eric Hinske. Well, it’s more than a pair of socks, the Yanks traded two low-level minor leaguers for Hinske.

I like this move a lot.  Neither of the prospects the Yanks gave up are highly touted prospects and Hinske does just what i suggested the Yanks do: bolster the bench.  Hinske, a member of the Rays last year and Red Sox in 2007, knows what  AL East and AL pennant races are like.  He plays 1B/3B/LF/RF and can DH or PH when needed.  He hits for power (20 bombs last year, only 1 in 106 at-bats this year) and stands in the left-handed batter’s box so if he hits a lazy pop-up to right field, it’s going out of the park.  With the Yanks admitting to needing to getting A-Rod more rest, Hinske’s bat provides more pop than Cody Ransom or Ramiro Pena, who will probably be sent down to AAA to make room for Hinske.

The Yanks also continue to collect past AL Rookies of the Year as Hinske won in 2002 and the recently DFA’d Angel Berroa won in 2003.


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