Nats Take Two From Yanks

The powerhouse Washington Nationals entered this series against the Yankees 16-45 (that’s a .262 winning percentage, aka they win once every four games).  The Nats then proceeded to take two out of three from the Yankees, who continue to cower in a corner ever since getting swept by Boston yet again.

The Yankees have looked terrible lately.  The bullpen, once the scapegoat for the team losing, now looks pretty solid.  Everything else, though, doesn’t look so good.  There’s no way that the Yankee lineup should score two runs over 18 innings in the last two games of this series.  I don’t think A-Rod is healthy.  The guy’s hitting like .220 and I’m not buying the “it still feels like spring training” excuse anymore.  The starting pitching didn’t look so good either.  Joba Chamberlain continues to walk 4-5 guys per game, Chien-Ming Wang is still a work in progress (that’s right, on June 17th), and Andy Pettitte and AJ Burnett have been inconsistent at best.  Only CC Sabathia has produced on a consistent basis lately.

We’re now 40% through the season and the Yanks are 3 games out of first place thanks to a rain-shortened game in Boston.  Three games out isn’t a lot, but this is the low point in the season thus far.   At the end of the season you can look back to this series against the Nats as an opportunity for the Yanks to at least win the series, if not sweep a miserable team.  Good teams beat the teams they’re supposed to and the Yankees aren’t doing that right now.


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