Enough is Enough – Release the Names

In extraordinarily huge baseball news (note the sarcasm), the NY Times reported yesterday that Sammy Sosa had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in 2003 as part of MLB’s survey testing.  What a shock.  The idea that Sosa had used PEDs was never far fetched, but now there’s some sort of “evidence” to support the naysayers.

Like most baseball fans, I loved the summer of 1998 and watching Mark McGwire and Sosa race for 61 and the single season home run record.  Over the years, though, I developed a personal belief that around 85% of MLB players from 1992 to today either did use or still are using some sort of performance enhancing drugs, so this “revelation” about Sosa doesn’t surprise me.  What I do enjoy, however, is that in a recent interview with ESPN Deportes, Sosa said he would “calmly wait for his induction into the baseball hall of fame.”  Guess that wait won’t be too calm now will it?

More imprtantly, back to this issue of the 2003 survey test.  For those unfamiliar with this, prior to introducing stringent drug testing, MLB conducted a non-disciplinary, anonymous PED test and if 5% of players tested positive, random testing with penalty would be automatically introduced in 2004.  The 5% quota was [easily] met with 104 players and the test results of the players were supposed to be destroyed by the player’s union.  The results were not destroyed.  Ultimately a few sources still have this list (mainly lawyers for the players, owners, commissioner’s office I think) which is actually two lists: one list of players and a number and another list with the number and the test results.

So far, Sosa is the second name said to be on that list to be revealed.  That means there are still 102 names left… names that will likely be released somehow sooner or later.  Some of those 102 names may have been outed as PED users through baseball’s Mitchell Report on PED usage but others may be living in quiet anonymity.

I don’t think the steroid era will ever be considered “over” until all of these names are leaked/released/posted somewhere.  Each time a “big” name will be leaked, there will be some sort of discussion about the player, his usage, and his hall of fame resume.  I don’t want to have to go through this another 102 times, 50 times, or even five more times.  A lot of players used performance enhancing drugs – I get it.  I’m just tired of this discussion and tired of the fact that players keep getting outed.  Let’s release all the names at once, have one big discussion and put this dark era of baseball to rest.


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