Hossa on the Wrong Side, Part II

It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-baseball post and with the Penguins capturing the Stanley Cup on Friday night, what better time than now.  Actually… I could do a basketball post, too, but I really don’t like Kobe Bryant or the Lakers.

Anyway, In a rematch of last year’s Stanley Cup Finals, the Penguins defeated the Red Wings in seven games this year, reversing Detroit’s win last year.  To me, the Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of sports – what other championship trophy has every winner’s name on it?  That’s cool.  The handing off of the cup to the team’s captain and the subsequent parading around the ice, handing the cup off to different players is also pretty cool.

Here’s something that’s not cool – at least to one person.  Last year, Marian Hossa was a member of the Penguins.  In the off-season, his contract was up so he did what every hockey player who wants to win a championship does: he signed with that season’s Stanley Cup champions.  Hossa signed a one-year deal with Detroit after being a Penguin and being defeated by the Wings in the finals in 2008, only to wear red in this year’s finals and get beaten by his former team in the unlikely rematch.  Oops.  What’s more is that the Penguins were ina free fall to start this season, firing their coach early in the second half of the season.  A nice rebound gave them the four seed in the east and the rest is history.   A bit of bad luck for Hossa, though as he suffers another year on the wrong side of the cup.


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