Yankee Fan Plants Grass at Fenway

Let me be the first Yankee fan to call this guy a genius.  NBC sports reported that a Yankee fan went to a Phish concert at Fenway Park and brought and planted some Yankee grass seed in the Fenway outfield (since they let you on the grass for concerts at Fenway).

Brilliant.  What better way to get back at the stupid guy who buried a David Ortiz jersey at Yankee Stadium.  By the way, the “curse” of that buried jersey seemed to have the opposite effect since Big Papi is currently batting below the Mendoza Line.  Looks like Ortiz’s hitting was buried deeper than that jersey.

Here’s to hoping Yankee grass grows at Fenway.  In other news, It’s interesting to note that someone brought actual grass in to a Phish Concert…


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