Who to Blame for the Homers?

Well, the good folks at Accuweather.com are at it again.  These meteorologists are determined to figure out why there are so many home runs at the New Yankee Stadium.  Back in the end of April, they suggested that a wind tunnel was created because of the way the decks were arranged (not on top of each other, but rather angled back).  Now, they point out that at some points in right field, the new stadium fences are nine feet more shallow than they were at the old stadium.

This isn’t really new news.  The addition of the manual scoreboards forced the “architects” to make the fences supporting the scoreboards straight, rather than curved.  Accuweather says that about 19% of the home runs hit to right field are because of the short porch, not because of the weather.  How quick our meteorologist friends are to absolve the elements of any blame.

Actually, why did it take Accuweather to point this out?  I think our friends at River Ave Blues did a piece on this wall differences but I haven’t heard much about it on ESPN or anyone else who makes a habit of counting the home runs hit at the House that George Built.   I think it’s actually a smart marketing tool for Accuweather to keep commenting on the new stadium.  How many Yankee fans are now familiar with this site as a source for weather information?  Probably a lot more than before the season started.

Nevertheless, the new stadium isn’t perfect (my review is still forthcoming… because it’s going to be long) and this is just something the Lonn Trosts of the world are going to have to figure out before next year.  Just remember,  if the weather guy/gal on tv can be wrong, so can these people.


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