The 15 Day Pavano Revisited

Here we are on June 1, 2009, the day after Carl Pavano stymies the Yankee hitters for the second time this season.  As of right now Pavano has started 11 games this season, or two more than he did in his last three years as a Yankee.

For those of you new to the Yankees, some players renamed the disabled list the 15 day Pavano during Carl’s tenure as a Yankee.  After a solid 2004 season, where he went 18-8, Pavano signed a four-year $39.95 million dollar contract with the Yankees thus beginning one of the most tumultuous pinstripe tenures in recent history.  In his first season with the Yanks, he went 4-6 in 17 starts with the team.  After those first few starts, Pavano spent much of the next three and a half years on the disabled list for one thing or another.  He annoyed the fans and his teammates, some of which have been on the record saying he needed to toughen up.  He started 26 games with the Yankees in four years, or roughly $1.5 million per start.

So after Pavano robs the Yankees, he signs with the Indians this past off-season for $1.5 million guaranteed.  So far that’s about $136, 000 per start this year.

Excuse me for being cynical, but how on earth does Pavano sit for most of his Yankee career, stealing money in the process, and then all of a sudden have a clean bill of health with the Indians for the first two months of the season?  At what point in New York, I wonder, did Pavano give up on his teammates and the organization and just resign himself to not making it back on the field until it was in a new uniform?



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