Why are the Yankees Wearing Red Hats?

Let me preface this post by saying this: I love America and I respect and honor our veterans.

Now, then.  I HATE that the Yankees are wearing red hats today against the Rangers in honor of Memorial Day.  The hats, the picture to the right, look atrocious when worn with the Yankee uniform.  I get that MLB wants to make money and feel like they can do so by selling these hats and other alternate hats and jerseys (see also stadium specific hats for Yankees and Mets, dumb patches on jerseys).  To tell you the truth, I actually have the old school version of this hat, which came out before 9/11, although the red is a bit loud for my conservative tastes.

That aside, I think it’s terrible that MLB makes teams wear these hats that are completely contrary to their color scheme.  It looks ugly.  I’m not on What Not to Wear or any of those stupid shows, but even someone as fashion illiterate as me can make the earth-shattering suggestion to MLB: why the hell can’t teams wear their normal colored hats with the stars and stripes inside the outline of the logo?  For instance, why can’t the Angels wear a red one, the Yankees a blue one, the Marlins a black one?  Seriously.  Why not?  Because it’s not consistent?  A more conservative MLB used to have teams sew an American flag on the side of their hats.  After 9/11 teams had the flag sewn onto their jersey.  I’d take either of those alternatives to the stupid MLB-wide colored hats.

MLB is not the NBA or NHL where alternate jerseys and tacky money-making ploys reign supreme over the integrity of the game.  I’m disappointed that over the past two years, MLB has sunk to this level.



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