Peavy Turns Down White Sox

Content in San Diego and playing for no shot at the postseason, Jake Peavy turned down a proposed trade to the White Sox, exercising his no-trade clause to block an agreed upon deal.

I think this is an interesting turn of events for Peavy, who was slated to go to the Cubs of Braves in the off-season.  In my humble opinion, this is all about the American League, where Peavy has already said he doesn’t want to go.  I had thought that if the Padres worked out a trade with the Cubs, Peavy would be more than happy to go there.  Peavy invoked his family as the reason why he vetoed the trade and that’s always the PR-smart move, but I think there’s something more.

Maybe he was uneasy about playing for the White Sox, where they were no guarantee to go to October.  Maybe he didn’t want to play for Ozzie Guillen.  Maybe he really was happy in San Diego.

Here’s my issue.  If you really have that competitive fire, don’t you want to increase your chance of winning any way you can (i.e. by accepting a trade to a contender)?  Peavy is owed $60 million on his current contract which runs for another three years, so he’s going to be rich – that’s not the problem.  Is this just a case of the player choosing where he wants to go?


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