The Aubrey Huff First Pump

So, maybe Aubrey Huff’s response to why he fist pumped around the bases against known fist-pumper Joba Chamberlain was that he was having fun.  According to Journal News beat writer Peter Abraham, Huff said:

“He’s done it a couple of times to me when he’s struck me out. For me, it’s just in good fun. I always told the guys that if I get him, I’m going to give him a nice fist pump.”

The way baseball is played though, you can’t do stuff like that.  Baseball is a very stoic sort of game where if you show someone up like that, you’re going to get drilled.  Chamberlain did not plunk Huff (he came up twice more after the home run and there were runners on each time), to my dismay.  I think that in recent years, the Yankees have really been reluctant to hit opposing hitters and the players don’t really fight for each other or protect one another.

So that’s my nice response to Huff’s antics.  My other response is more blunt.   Really… you’re Aubrey Huff, a decent but not great player and you’re on a last place team.  You called your team’s hometown a “horse**** city.”  Know your role and act like a professional.


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