The Only Brett Favre Post, Part Deux

Thats not a real picture, it was on Google somewhere.

That's not a real picture, it was on Google somewhere.

Once upon a time, actually it was August 2008, I wrote in this space that I was tired of hearing Brett Favre comeback talk.  After a one year comeback, Favre retired again (this time, “for good”) and was granted his unconditional release by his 2008 team, the New York Jets.

And so, one year later, I am here, once again, getting sick and tired of hearing Brett Favre comeback talk.

Maybe since I’m not a professional athlete, I can’t understand what is going on in their heads.  All too often,  an athlete will retire, only to return a season or two later.  It happens in every sport.  Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson.  Mario Lemieux.  Lance Armstrong.  Roger Clemens.  George Forman.  Ricky Williams. I don’t get it.  Is it the fame?  the money?  the passion for the game?  It’s even worse when a player, like Favre, is so well known for playing for one team, then goes to another (see also: Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards).

So this week, in typical Favre “retired” fashion, he is looking to hire an out of work NFL Quarterbacks coach (just for recreational purposes, of course) and he is meeting with Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress to discuss a possible return.   My guess is early next week Favre will be donning a purple and gold hat, ready for the chance to play the Packers twice a year.  Where’s the loyalty?

All I want Favre (or any retired athlete) to do is make up his damn mind.  Either play or don’t play.  If you want to keep playing, go right ahead.  When you’re tired, once and for all, of playing the game, then quit.  Just cut the drama because people can’t stand listening to these rumors every year.  And another thing:  the media should really stop covering this sort of stuff.


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