Can We Please Beat Boston?

Ok, I’m getting tired of losing to the Red Sox, can we just get a W tonight, please?  Thanks.

No, I’m not ready to send Phil Hughes down to AAA Scranton after his performance last night.  I mean the game started 2 hours late, it rained the whole time, and although he struggled with his command, he wasn’t atrocious.  I’d still like to see what Hughes has to offer in another several MLB starts.

In other news, remember when the Yankees wanted to trade either Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher?  Boy, I’m glad that didn’t happen.  With the DL getting more jam packed by the day, the Yanks need all the offense they can get.  Speaking of a crowded DL, with Jorge Posada reportedly going on the DL today with a leg injury, do the Yanks call up Francisco Cervelli to backup Jose Molina?  Cervelli is the only other catcher on the 40 man roster and the Yanks would have to take someone off the 40 man roster and put him on waivers in order to call up someone from AAA Scranton.  Unless they take a pitcher off the 40 man, there aren’t too many position player candidates, unless they take Cervelli off to get someone like Kevin Cash on.  We’ll see, I guess.


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