Back for the Second Time

So it was brought to my attention (but it’s not like I’ve forgotten about this) that I haven’t posted since March 15.

Lo Siento.  Sorry.  I began this blog as a way to discuss (sometimes intelligently) baseball, the Yankees, and sports in whatever way I felt necessary.  I never really planned on posting every day or every other day, that’s just how it turned out.  Sometimes, unfortunately, life happens.  Nevertheless, I have neglected this venture for far too long.  I wouldn’t want to disappoint my fans, now would I?

So, please accept my apologies and here’s to hoping I’ll post more often.

A lot has happened in the sports world since I’ve  last written.  I went to 3 of the first 5 games ever played at New Yankee Stadium and I’ve even been to Citi Field.  Baseball season started and I didn’t tell you my predictions.  Luckily, despite my haitus here, the Sports Judge Blog has been nice enough to give me some space twice a week, so I do have predictions.  I will post those here and elaborate a bit on what I think will happen (and I won’t change because of fast or slow April starts, I promise!).



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