Binghamton Goes Dancing!

As a proud graduate of Binghamton University, I did what every other graduate of a school that has never been to the big dance does: I went back to school for the conference championship game.

I went up on Friday night for the 11:00 am Saturday game and was surprised to see the enthusiasm of the students in preparation for the game.  At about midnight, me and a couple friends journeyed to campus and saw a line of tents from the door of the Events Center stretching back a good distance.  Binghamton has never been a place where school spirit is in full swing, so to see the excitement was awesome.

For a little background, Binghamton has never been to the NCAA tournament in basketball.  When the school hosted the conference tournament my junior year, a bunch of friends and I tailgated in an empty parking lot in front of the Events Center at about 9am for our noon or 1pm game.  Empty.  When the coach came in, he even came over to tell us he was impressed by our little shindig.  To go from there to a line of tents was a great thing for the school.

Students would brave the below freezing temperatures that night to get on line to be in front row of the student section, the “BU Zoo” with a chance to be on TV (the game was broadcast on ESPN2 for probably the first nationally televised game in school history).

The game itself was awesome and as time ran down my friends and I stormed the court with hundreds of other people.  I watched the team cut the nets down at the Events Center (along with the President of the school and the mayor of Binghamton, who was outside his jurisdiction since the school is actually in Vestal).  That was one of the coolest sporting events I have ever seen in person.

What I will take away from this weekend, aside from the big win and the school’s first ever NCAA tournament appearance, is the dramatic rise in school spirit.  Binghamton is now a national name (the game was available in 110 million homes) and the students couldn’t be more proud to call Binghamton their home.  I have always hung my diploma with pride and I hope this causes more students, past, present, and future, to appreciate their school.

Sunday night, the Binghamton Bearcats drew a #15 seed and will face Duke in North Carolina in the first round of the NCAA tournament.


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