Top 10 Players I Want on the Yanks

So because of the controversy over Alex Rodriguez’s latest compliment of another player, I’ve decided to list the top 10 players I would like to have on the Yankees.

The media should note that I am not taking any shots at any current Yankees, just window-shopping.

If you take note, all of these players are on the young side.  In fact, I think Utley is the oldest, having just turned 30 in December.  I tried to pick someone for every position, but couldn’t get a catcher onto this list above any of the guys already here.  Russell Martin or Brian McCann would be my choices for catchers.  I took three pitchers and Lincecum is the only righty among them.  Price, while unproven, is a very young lefty who pitched well in the big games he appeared in last year.  Time will tell what he does this year in a full year in the bigs.  Longoria is the same way, but I think these guys are can’t miss.  I’d be thrilled to have any of these 10 players on the Yanks just because I think they’re very talented and very good.  If I had to take one… that’s a good question.  You can build a team around any one of these guys, but I think I’d take David Wright.  He does it all and he does it all pretty well.

No Yankee occupying one of these positions should take offense to this list.  Just like A-Rod.


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One Response to “Top 10 Players I Want on the Yanks”

  1. Hideki Says:

    the media doesn’t pay attention to what you write on your list by being a fan they do pay attention to your boy A-Rod cuz he the highest paid player ever and hypothetically speaking if the yanks got Wright where would they put him?

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