Patriots Hand Cheifs New Talent

I’m not a fan of the Patriots dealing Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs for a second round pick, I think that it’s a suspicious deal that adds to the credibility issues Bill Belichick has been dealing with lately.

Here’s a quarterback that, with the franchise tag, is making top dollar.  Cassel, despite his inexperience, is arguably a quarterback that a team could build around (my personal opinion, however, is that he’s a system quarterback and won’t succeed elsewhere) and Vrabel is a nice veteran linebacker that provides leadership on the defensive side of the ball.  Both of these players are valuable in the locker room and on the field.

So excuse me if I’m just a little suspicious that Belichick is willing to hand these players over to his friend and former colleague Scott Pioli, the former Pats exec chosen to be the new GM of the Chiefs.  I think that Belichick could have gotten more by trading Cassel to a team like the Lions.  Granted, the Chiefs’ 2nd round pick is an early pick, but I just think Belichick could have gotten more if he traded to someone that wasn’t his buddy for so long.


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