Can the Media Back Off A-Rod for One Minute?

As A-Rod was playing his first game for Team Dominican Republic in a World Baseball Classic warmup, the media decided that it needed more ways to criticize A-Rod.

So… when Rodriguez said “I wish he was leading off on our team or playing on our team. That’s fun to watch,” about Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, the media, notably Peter Abraham of New York’s Journal News, suggested A-Rod’s compliment of Reyes should be taken as a shot at Derek Jeter.


As a Yankee fan, I’d love to have a guy like Reyes playing on my team (preferably Hanley Ramirez, actually) and by reading those comments, I don’t take it as a shot at anyone on the Yankees.  If anything, this could be taken as a shot at whoever hits lead-off for the Yanks this season (probably Johnny Damon). Abraham forgot to mention that Rodriguez continued his statement by saying “Anytime you have that type of speed… I mean, we have a guy in Gardner that’ll be fun. That’s probably the most fun you can have, watching those guys run.”

All A-Rod was saying was that Reyes was was an exciting player to watch who did a number of good things.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Stop trying to be the reporter to break the next controversy by making a story out of nothing.


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4 Responses to “Can the Media Back Off A-Rod for One Minute?”

  1. Hideki Says:

    you really think that taking a stab at your teams own lead off hitter isn’t controversy? Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez are indeed good players but wasn’t this man moved to third base because the Captain, Derek Jeter, owns that position? Well now that he is injured Alex will have plenty of time to watch those “fun to watch.”

    • backwardsk Says:

      Personally, I don’t think he took a stab at anyone, I just think he was commenting on how good of a player Reyes is and how fun he is to watch. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. Hideki Says:

    well since he now decided to miss at least 6-9 weeks he can have all the fun he wants watching players like Jose Reyes.

  3. Bull Horns Says:

    Seems like there is always some thing going on with A-Roid, I just think it’s time to get on with the game of baseball.

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