Notes on the Past Week

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have just moved out of New York to start a new job and things have been hectic.
Regardless… a lot has happened this week in the world of sports so here is some commentary:

  • On Monday, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Back in December, I selected who I thought should make it and I picked six players, including the two that were elected.  What makes me angry is the process itself since players such as Mo Vaughn and Jay Bell actually received Hall of Fame votes.  You have to be kidding me.  Maybe Vaughn had a couple good years, but he is certainly no Hall-of-Famer and Bell was just a glorified utility player.  It’s ridiculous that these players received votes.  In addition, it is ridiculous that Rickey Henderson was not a unanimous selection.  Who really looked at their ballot and said Henderson doesn’t belong in Cooperstown?  That individual should be removed from the BBWAA.  The writers annoy me, though, because no one has been enshrined unanimously and I guess, therefore, no one will.  Stupid.  You’re either a Hall-of-Famer or you’re not.  Rice shouldn’t have to sit on the ballot for 15 years and Henderson should have been selected unanimously.  Here’s a process that is in some desperate need of revision.
  • The Texas Rangers moved Gold Glove shortstop Michael Young to third base to accommodate youngster Elvis Andrus.  Why is it that an unproven rookie can push aside a veteran (in his prime!)?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  After demanding a trade, Young backed off and agreed to play third.  Nice move Texas.   Luckily, he is signed through 2013, so he’s not really going anywhere.
  • Manny Ramirez still doesn’t have a home, not really to my surprise.  He’s a great hitter, but does anyone really want to give this guy three years knowing there’s a strong possibility that he gives up on the team at some point?  I’m surprised Scott Boras hasn’t opened up Barry Bonds‘ vocabulary and started crying collusion.  Manny dug his own hole by giving up on his teammates, who were in the middle of a pennant race and doesn’t deserve to play the game next year as a punishment.  I still think some competitor will give him a one year deal to try to get them into the postseason, but don’t be shocked if Washington chases him to try to get people to that new ballpark.  The darkhorse is still that Manny announces retirement.
  • The Yankees are still fielding offers for Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  I read something that said Brian Cashman isn’t going to make a deal for the sake of making one, which was nice to hear.  I still think their best bet in the outfield would be Johnny Damon in left, Swisher in center, and Nady in right.  We all know the Yankees don’t care about defense and it’s not like Swisher is terrible.

On a final note, congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals who just won the NFC title game and will play for the Lombardi trophy in the Super Bowl.  I saw an interview with longtime Cardinal Adrian Wilson who was moved to tears and legitimately cried during the interview.  It was a great moment that showed what sports is really about.  Once Big Blue was eliminated, I started rooting for Arizona, the ultimate underdog that never really competes, and I will continue to do so in the Super Bowl regardless of their opponent.


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2 Responses to “Notes on the Past Week”

  1. dangerdan21 Says:

    Did you here about the Boldin reaction after the win? You know he T.O like actions

    • backwardsk Says:

      Yeah, Boldin is a baby. Would he rather get the ball and sit at home in January or share and play in the Super Bowl? Even Edgerrin James, who demanded a trade because he was spending games sitting on the bench, shut up and played the game. Maybe if Boldin was actually 100% healthy he wouldn’t have this problem. He’s very selfish.

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