All Birds in NFC Title Game

Before I get to the miserable effort by my New York Giants, let me just acknowledge a job well done by the Arizona Cardinals.  Anyone have them in the NFC title game back in the pre-season?  Didn’t think so.  I don’t even think anyone gave them a chance in either of their first two playoff games.  For a franchise that has been a complete disaster throughout their entire history, congratulations for proving everyone wrong and even making it this far.  In all honesty, I will be rooting for them the rest of the way.  When my team isn’t in it anymore, I like rooting for the ultimate underdog, which is exactly what the Cardinals are.  Realistically, they only started playing competitive NFL football about two season ago and since they have been so bad for so long, they have my vote.  Another thing about the Cards is how they trust Edgerrin James despite his incessant whining these last several weeks about not getting the ball.  Even though he practically begged for his release and does not want to play in Arizona, the Cardinals still gave him the ball a nice amount of times yesterday, demonstrating a trust that I didn’t think was warranted.  Good call by them, though, as he delivered.

As for my Giants, I can’t say that I really enjoyed anything about the game.  They were terrible, the offense was atrocious, and the defense laid back for most of the game.  No one got to Donovan McNabb for the third time this season and special teams costs the Giants at least 6 points on two John Carney missed field goals.  I’ll be honest in that at the begining of the season I had said that I would be fine for 5 years and not expect another trip to the Super Bowl until then, but once they went 11-1, I had visions of Tampa in my head.  There is no one person to blame for the Giants collapse and no I don’t think Plaxico Burress would have made that big a difference, so don’t even bother with the question.  When Eli is throwing wobbling balls, no one is going to catch them.  Needless to say, I’m disappointed to say the least.  The players, however, looked beat up and tired, so here’s hoping a long off-season will give them enough rest to make it back to the top.


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