What is Pettitte Thinking?

Hi Andy.  Remember me, I’m the New York Yankees.  The same team that you grew up with, won 20 games with, won four World Series with.  We stuck by you when you admitted to HGH use last off-season and never batted an eye.  You even told us this past season you wanted to pitch at the new Stadium.  You did a lot for us and in turn, we did a lot for you.

So, why now, are you turning your back on us?  Is 10 million dollars not enough to support your family on?  Hey listen, I understand that you made $16 million a year ago but look, you’re not a #1 or #2 guy anymore.  You’re at least a 3.  On this team, you’re at least a #4.

We completely understand that you like attention, like to be pursued.  What girl doesn’t?  That’s why you left us for those Astros, isn’t it?  You didn’t feel wanted. You’re not 30 anymore, Andy.  You’re 36 and on the tail end of your career looking to come back for one more run at the World Series trophy.  Unfortunately, though, you haven’t earned the $16 million you made last year.  Last season, in case you’ve forgotten, you posted an undesirable 4.54 ERA while going 14-14.  We’ll take the 14 wins, but with a top three starters that are pretty solid, we don’t really need you anymore.  We could plug in a Phil Hughes/Alfredo Aceves/Ian Kennedy/Joba Chamberlain in the last two spots in the rotation and still win 90 ball games.

You’ve meant a lot to our recent success, Andy, and that’s why it hurts so much that you are shunning us now.  It really doesn’t make any sense.  We’re offering you a pretty fair deal for one year so that you can come back, pitch in the new stadium,  and finish your career in pinstripes.  Ultimately, though, turning your back on us isn’t helping your cause and is making us not want to be charitable to you anymore.  Like I said… we don’t need you anymore.  It would be nice to have you, but we don’t need you.  Cut the garbage and sign the $10 million contract.


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