Yankees Top Prospects in 2009

I don’t particularly like just linking to other pages, but MinorLeagueBall.com is doing their annual prospect grading and just released their 2009 Top 20 rankings for the Yankees and I thought it was worth noting.

What our friends at MinorLeagueBall indicate is that the Yankee minor league system is solid all around and its strength is its pitching.  The top prospect in the system, accoring to MinorLeagueBall is catcher Jesus Montero, who is supposed to have a great bat, but not really noteworthy behind the plate.  I think I would much rather have a catcher who is better handling pitchers than one with a bat (especially in the Yankee lineup), but then again, back in the day Jorge Posada was a converted middle infielder who didn’t have a great glove, but I think he progressed nicely into a great catcher.  Austin Romine is ranked #4  in the Yankee system and is a good defensive catcher who may be less of a liability behind the plate.

Austin Jackson, long considered the best athlete in the system, is said to be a solid player but may not be a star.  Seven of the top ten are pitchers with former first round pick Andrew Brackman ranking 8th.  Overall, I think the Yankees need to add some hitters in the system, but I am perfectly comfortable with having an overabundance of pitching: you can never have too much pitching.

Funny thing about the Yankees off-season signings this year is that they lost their top three draft picks, so their first, second, and third rounders.  However, because they didn’t sign their #1 pick in 2007, Gerrit Cole, they get a compensatory first round pick that can’t be taken away!  Awesome!  The Yanks picked a great year to splurge on free agents since they have a first-rounder that can’t be taken away.


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