Three More Years for JoePa?

Hey listen, I’m all about old people working, but 82 year old Joe Paterno just signed a 3-year contract extension to remain the Head Coach of Penn State.  You have to be kidding me.  I mean the guy became the Head Coach at PSU in 1966.  For reference, I will tell you that President-Elect Barack Obama was five years old that year.  Wow.

I’m happy for Joe Paterno, kind of.  In sports, how many times have we seen individuals stay longer than they should have?  How many times should someone have retired, only to come back and have a miserable season or two.  Although, “he” did lead the Nittany Lions to quite a year this year (Yes, I did put he in quotes…).  I understand that Joe Paterno IS Pennsylvania sports, specifically Pennsylvania football.  I get that.  These kids that he recruits must realize, though, that there is always the possibility that he won’t be their coach for all four years.  Does he even coach them at all?  Doe she know the players?  Realistically, how much does Paterno coach at all?  I would like to know the answer to that one.  He stands  – sits, more recently – there and is a grandfather figure.  Does he draw up plays?  Help teach the players?  He can’t spend much time visiting recruits or spending time in the office.  Maybe I’m wrong, however, maybe Joe Paterno has more passion for his job than any of us.  If so, good for him.

I know Penn State is in a rough spot with him since you really can’t force out the man that singlehandedly represents your program, but is it really good for the program to have an 82 year old coach?  I don’t know the answer to that.  I think that if they let him, Paterno will be there until he is physically unable to be there.  If he even has one tiny doubt that he can’t do it, he shouldn’t.  It’s not fair to the players or the school.  Sure, he gave the school so much, but he has to remember, they gave him so much, too.


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