Manny Won’t Be Manny in the Bronx

Despite reports by SI’s Jon Heyman that the Yankees are falling behind in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes and will turn their attention to Manny Ramirez, I don’t buy it.

I can’t find a way that Manny fits into the crowded Yankee outfield, already with Xavier Nady, Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Brett Gardner, maybe Nick Swisher and some form of Melky Cabrera/Mike Cameron.  Of all of those players, the only two that could possibly be moved are Damon or Nady.  Since they just got him and he’s young and inexpensive (and a right handed bat), I can’t imagine the Yanks moving Nady.  As for Damon, if someone wants to take his contract, they can have him.  I’d rather see them dump Matsui instead, but that’s not likely.  Nevertheless, I listed 6 players that could factor into the Yankee outfield and well… an outfield only holds 3.  Even if you count a DH and a fourth outfielder, they’re still full.

In terms of his attitude and personality, let’s just say Manny isn’t pinstripe material.  First off, he would have to get a haircut.  Second, his loafing, not running out balls, and other “problems” don’t belong in the Bronx.  He doesn’t fit into the “Yankee Way” and while some present Yankees (A-Rod) don’t either, how many egos can the Yanks fit in their new clubhouse at the New Yankee Stadium?  I know that Manny is a great hitter, but after giving up on his teammates last year and the Red Sox deciding he wasn’t good enough for them, how can the Yankees say he’s good enough for them?

If they’re looking for another power bat, how about Adam Dunn?  I know he strikes out more often than he makes contact with the ball, but with that short porch in right field, his left-handed stroke should hit about 50 home runs a year.


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