Don’t Panic, Giants…yet

After winning seven straight, the Giants have now lost two in a row to NFC East opponents.  Am I worried?  I never expected the Giants to go the entire season with just one loss, so I’m not concerned about their record.  There are, however, a few issues Big Blue should be concerned about moving forward.

First off, the Offensive Line looked horrendous tonight against Dallas with two of them, Kareem McKenzie and Rich Seubert, going down and not returning.  Maybe Tom Coughlin was being a bit cautious with them and I don’t blame him, but the foundation of the Giants’ success has been the O-Line, giving Eli Manning time to throw or any of the backs room to run.  Tonight, Eli had absolutely no time to throw and when he did, the Dallas secondary was all over the Giant receivers.  I’ll give credit where credit is due and Dallas’ D was tough tonight.  They brought Eli down 8 times and didn’t give any of the receivers space.  Let’s just hope the O-Line can get healthy and the offense can start clicking again.  Momentum is such a huge part of football and the Giants won’t be able to get any if this unit is not healthy.

Another area of concern is the health of Brandon Jacobs.  I really like the Giants’ three back rotation and while all three are critical players in the system, Jacobs has the ability to just plow through defenders and wear down the defense and I’m not sure Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw can do that when he’s not around.  They’re good backs, don’t get me wrong, but Jacobs adds another dimension to the offense and he was missed.  If he keeps pounding into the D-line, the D is bound to loosen up on the receivers, giving them space for big gains.

Moving forward, the Giants have a big one next week at home against Carolina to determine the #1 seed in the NFC.  I’d be ok if the Giants just got a first round bye because they made a name for themselves playing on the road, but they need that bye week to rest some of these banged up guys.


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