Take a Hike Plax

That’s it, I’m done.  Plaxico Burress has to go.

I’m fed up with his “shenanigans” and his off the field attitude that makes him think he’s above the team.  I have a small piece of advice for him: he’s not.  I like what Tom Coughlin has done with the team, having each player put what’s good for the team above what’s good for him.  The players have responded to that.  Mathias Kiwanuka moved to linebacker last year from his natural position of defensive end and didn’t complain at all.  Tiki Barber, as much as I liked him as a player, couldn’t shut up last year from the booth and he was likely a clubhouse poison.

With a team-first attitude, the Giants won the Super Bowl and came back in 2008 as a more cohesive unit.  Their dominance continued even without Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora as other players picked up the pieces.  In 2007, Plaxico Burress had a phenomenal season last year with 70 receptions, over 1000 yards receiving, and 12 touchdowns.

As soon as the Super Bowl ended, however, so did Burress’ fairytale.  As soon as the team left the White House, Burress complained about his contract and indicated that he would skip minicamp and training camp as a holdout.  Not really the act of a team player.  The Giants gave him a new contract and all was well, until the bye week.  Burress missed a team meeting and didn’t answer his phone when the team was trying to track him down.  He was suspended for two weeks (one game) and fined.  Nice.  (It should be noted that Plax was suspended for a similar violation during his Steeler days.)  Upon reporting back to practice, Burress didn’t feel the need to apologize.  He was suspended for the first quarter of the Pittsburgh game for further insubordination.  Several weeks later, he was fined again for unsportsmanlike conduct, comments toward officials, and throwin the ball in the stands.  He’s also been in the news with alleged domestic disputes.  This morning it was reported that Burress would be out indefinitely for “accidentally shooting himself in the leg” at a club last night.  That’s just what Burress needs, to be carrying a gun.  Didn’t he learn anything from the Tank Johnson weapons incident?  Sure, I feel bad that he got hurt and I was worried when I heard the story, but that’s what you get for being stupid.

So that’s it.  Especially with the way the players have backed Coughlin’s suspension of Burress before, I think Burress needs to be cut in the off-season.  I’m tired of his selfish antics and the Giants have enough receivers in order to take care of business.  Don’t believe me, ask the Seahawks.  Big Blue is not shy about getting rid of distractions (see: Jeremy Shockey) and I think they pull the trigger (get it?!) and release Burress in the off-season.


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