Fixin’ the Eagles

As a Giants fan, it really doesn’t bother me that the Eagles are terrible.  Today, they replaced Donovan McNabb at halftime with some unproven kid that was drafted either a year or two ago.  I honestly don’t remember his name, so if I mention it later on in the post, I looked it up.  I’d rather have it where a team in the NFC East begins to struggle, helping Big Blue’s cause.

Anyway, McNabb has a mediocre passer rating of 81.1 with 14 touchdowns and 10 picks and is not the long-term solution at quarterback since his better days are behind him.  Along the same lines, as much as I admire Andy Reid‘s coaching ability, I think his days of getting his message to his Eagle players are over.

Want to fix the Eagles, Philadelphia? Dump both of them and start over.  As people, I like both of them and since they brought the Eagles to the Super Bowl a few years back, I would think the city of Philadelphia likes them too.  To fix the team, however, they both need to go and a new coach should be brought in to run a new system.  Since he took over the team in 1999, Reid’s teams have won five division titles, including four in a row not too long ago, from 2001-2004.  With a career winning percentage north of .600, he’s earned a strong reputation, but so has McNabb.  Ever since the Super Bowl year of 2004, both have gone south.

At the end of the year, cut McNabb and fire Reid.  Draft a new quarterback or sign someone and find a new coach.  There are a ton of great assistants out there, including a couple candidates on the Giants (Steve Spagnuolo, a guy destined to get offers again, actually was a coach for the Eagles for several years).  There will be no salvaging the team as McNabb isn’t getting any younger so they might as well blow it up and start again.


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