Gasp! A Basketball Post

I really don’t like professional basketball.  I prefer to think of the NBA as the NDA – the No Defense Association, and I am more of a fan of the college game.  Nevertheless, I can’t help but root for Greg Oden.  Here’s a guy that missed all of his rookie season because of a season-ending injury and the pundits like my man Tony Kornheiser (PTI, Washington Post) have said that he’s going to be a disaster and that he is injury prone.  The poor guy got hurt in his 2008-09 opener and again people questioned his durability.

So why is it that I can’t help but root for him?  Greg Oden is one of the most visible and personable athletes I have ever seen.  He has a blog up that is pretty interesting and insightful (I liked to it on the blogroll to the right) and he tells jokes and seems like he is really enjoying himself, something that is really rare to see in the world of professional athletes.  He has the personality that would light up a room and I think he seems like a pretty cool guy.  Oden appears open and honest to people, two traits that I highly value.

Now that he is healthy again, Oden is off to a great start and had 22 points and 10 rebounds in his game last night and has double-doubles in two of his last three games.  He doesn’t have to be a huge star, statistically, right away because his team is pretty good this year so if he settles into a role, he’ll be exciting to follow.

Good luck, Greg!


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