My MLB Awards: AL MVP

So now that I’ve successfully ranted on what the MVP award actually means (and I hope you readers out there recognize that there is still no definition), it’s time to announce my pick for the final postseason award for the 2008 season.  After this, fire up the hot stove!

AL Most Valuable Player: Dustin Pedroia, 2B, Boston Red Sox. As a Yankee fan, I will swallow my pride and recognize a good ballplayer and a great season.  In 2008, Pedroia led the league in hits (213), runs (118), and doubles (54), while hitting a strong .326.  What’s special about Pedroia, a player that some might call “scrappy” purely because of his size, is that he does it all and is the catalyst for the entire Red Sox offense.  Here’s a guy that hits for average, weighs little more than a paperclip and still hit 17 home runs, a total that would tie for fourth on the Yanks.  His 322 total bases ranked fourth in the American League and if you look at his expanded stats, he ranks no lower than fourth in 10 major offensive categories (AB, R, H, TB, Dbl, Singles, runs created, times on base, sac flies, AB per K).  The only categoy he “slipped” in would be extra base hits, where he ranked seventh.  I think those rankings are impressive and deserved of a Most Valuable Player award.  When you look at his competitors: Kevin Youkilis, Justin Morneau, and Joe Mauer, none of them holds these high rankings in every categoy like Pedroia does.  Pedroia had one of the most complete offensive seasons that I have ever seen.  Oh, and he stole 20 bases and was caught only once.  No discussion needed here.


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